Tool helps find plaque early on teeth

A new device has been developed to help senior citizens fight plaque early, thus possibly avoiding painful dental appointments.

The tool was developed by researchers at the University of Liverpool and is roughly the size of a toothbrush.

With a blue light at its tip, it causes plaque in a person's mouth to appear to glow red through special yellow glasses. This is plaque that would not be visible

Tool helps find plaque early on teeth to the naked eye.

Inspektor TC designed the product specifically for home use by the elderly and children, two facets of the population that have been traditionally vulnerable to dental problems.

Professor Sue Higham, from the university's School of Dental Sciences, said the tool was particularly useful because it is "extremely difficult to get rid of all the plaque in your mouth."

The company said they hope people will be able to incorporate their device into their daily dental routine soon.

"We now hope to work with industry partners to develop this prototype so that people can use it in the home to identify plaque before any serious dental work is needed," the researchers said.

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