Worried about risk of stroke? Check your pants

There may be a new way to see how likely the risk is for someone to have a stroke and all a person has to do is find a private room and take off their pants.

New research from Germany has shown a person's waist size may have a direct link to their risk of heart disease and stroke, CalorieLab.com reports.

While being overweight generally increased one's risk of heart disease, it wasn't known that a bigger waistline would increase the risk of the condition, according to the article.

Worried about risk of stroke? Check your pants Researchers found people with the highest waist to hip ratio had more than seven times higher risk of strokes than those with the lowest ratios.

For women, the risk was four times higher with a waist circumference higher than 34.6 inches, states the website. For men, the risk increased with a waist of 40.2 inches.

Heart disease remains one of the leading causes of death in the U.S. and around the world. Seniors interested in decreasing their waistline can do so by taking regular walks or adding natural supplements to a whole food nutrition diet.

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