Senior citizen dating becoming more common

Love never dies and neither does the chase for it.

In what some may call the last taboo, researchers say more senior citizens in the U.S. are actively dating, though some would be hard-pressed to put a label on what they are doing, the Daily Iowan reports.

Kenneth Richardson, 83, met older woman Irene Bowers, 86, five years ago during a game of pool and the pair have played together ever since, according to the article.

"I don't know if I'd call it dating, do you, hon? We do make dates, but we don't go out every evening and go to some of the bars," Richardson told the news provider.

Despite their hesitation, the older couple represents a growing trend in the country with people over the age of 60.

Senior citizen dating becoming more common Seniors adept with computers and the internet can find websites dedicated to senior citizen dating.

"There are a number of people with adult children who think dating and sexual activity is only for their age group, and it can be regarded as vaguely nasty or inappropriate," sociology professor Ed Laumann, told the Daily Iowan. Laumann is currently researching the sexual activity of people aged 55 to 85.

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