16 days till Medicare deadline

As if senior citizens needed something else to add to their plate this holiday season, the deadline to either enroll or change their Medicare plan is fast approaching.

The December 31st deadline has been known for at least two months, but with the country's economy in an official recession, it may be more important than ever for seniors to compare and contrast plans to ensure they can save money next year, the Oregonian reports.

However, rising healthcare costs is only one of the issues some seniors may need to address.

16 days till Medicare deadline Others may find themselves without the government support they've had for years.

Charlotte Felix has been on oxygen therapy for 13 years and, thanks to new provisions in Medicare, will not have some of her costs covered come January 1st, the Scripps Howard News Service reports.

Because of budget cuts in Medicare, service providers with patients who have received oxygen for 36 months or longer will no longer be reimbursed by the government for rental of equipment or unscheduled maintenance, according to the article.

One way to cut healthcare costs to offset lost benefits may be to opt for generic drugs instead of brand name medication.

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