Health insurance plan promises portable coverage

Senior citizens who may worry about having health insurance after they retire have a new option from a national healthcare provider.

UnitedHelathcare's Golden Rule Insurance Company made an announcement last week about a new program called Continuity and, true to its name, it will offer the chance to enter retirement already fully covered by health insurance.

Richard A Collins, CEO of UnitedHealthcare's Golden Rule, said as people age, it becomes less likely they will keep their group health insurance.

"Only 30 percent of people aged 60 to 64 have group health plans.

Health insurance plan promises portable coverage This often leaves people uninsured when they most need affordable access to health care," said Collins.

With Continuity, people can apply for coverage today, while they are healthy and save the insurance for when they need it. Collins said this will enable workers to change employment or retire before Medicare eligibility without worrying about gaps in their health coverage.

Currently, the new program is being marketed in 25 states, most of which are in the south and Midwest.

News of UnitedHealthcare's initiative comes at a time when President-elect Barack Obama may be preparing to reveal his healthcare reform plan, one of his major campaign promises.

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