Seniors get help with Medicare enrollment

A national website has incorporated an easy guide for seniors to choose a Medicare plan that's right for them before the annual enrollment deadline of December 31st.

Yesterday, announced the launch of its Medicare Part D Guide and Plan Selector Tool in an effort to assist senior citizens with the federal program that reduces prescription drug costs.

The guide, located on the front page of the website, is simple and easy-to-navigate.

Seniors get help with Medicare enrollment

After entering their zip code, seniors are asked to provide the name of their medications, the strength, the dosage and how often they take the drug. In fact, seniors can just enter the first letter of their medication and a list of medications is automatically generated.

The website created the online guide specifically in response to Part D, or as some media outlets have called it, the donut hole. Essentially, once drug costs go past the $2,700 mark, seniors will cease to get financial help from the government.

In a survey by CVS, more than half of the respondents admitted they could have saved more than $250 if they had selected a better drug plan in 2007, the Columbia Tribune reports.

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