Older people'put off downloading'

The older generation of Britons tend to put off downloading content from the internet due to prior bad experiences and a lack of spare time, one sector commentator has claimed.

Commenting on the impending digital switch over, Ben Camm-Jones, news editor at Web-User Magazine, said another factor which may put off older people are varying broadband connections which demonstrate differences in terms of speed and quality.

Older people 'put off downloading'

He added that it is easy to imagine that such individuals who are not familiar with the technology may be put off if they have a bad experience on the first attempt.

"There is also a section of the older generation that is put off by newer technology and will happily continue to do things the way they always have - they'll hire films from a shop ... and wait for repeats or video tape programmes they want to see," Mr Camm-Jones concluded.

An online survey, conducted by ABI Research in March 2008 found that age influenced several patterns of consumption.

For example, penetration into the games console market by Britons aged over 65 grew more than 200 per cent in a year.

However, 65 per cent of over-65s have never used video on demand.

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