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Are reverse mortgages a good idea for seniors?

For many seniors who have seen their savings accounts depleted since the economic recession, reverse mortgages have been an opportunity to unlock much-needed money from their home equity.

But a recent article from the New York Times says reverse mortgages come with a host of conditions and requirements, and that many seniors who have relied on these have lost thousands of dollars – and sometimes even their homes.

How to find the best online financial advice

If you’re looking for online financial advice, there’s plenty to be found. But with so much planning, there are a lot of variables, and no amount of money will be right for everybody.

A recent article on provides five questions prospective retirees need to ask themselves when they are planning for retirement. If you ask these questions, you'll be on your way to finding the best financial advice online.

Is part-time retirement right for you?

By now, it’s a familiar refrain: more Boomers and seniors are having financial difficulties, and as a result, are scaling back their retirement plans and are working longer to help pay the bills.

And while there are many seniors who have decided to work longer and delay retirement, while most still have opted for retirement as early as possible, a third group is now emerging: those who look to retire early, but occasionally return to work. These people are part-time retirees.