Workshop brings aging adults and children together

Workshop brings children and seniors togetherA new workshop titled "Act your Age! Challenging Stereotypes" brings both aging adults and children together in an effort to learn from each other and diminish possible misconceptions. The workshops were organized by the University of Sheffield's New Dynamics of Ageing (NDA) research programme.

"The topic links in with several sections of the guidelines provided in the Key Stage 2 curriculum, such as exploring the ways that media present information and the ways that we understand people who are different from ourselves," said co-creator Sarah Howson. "In addition, it highlights key areas often neglected in children's social education. These issues have relevance in children's everyday interaction with others, as well as their own futures."

In addition, previous stereotypes of aging adults and retirement are expected to change now that baby boomers are reaching retirement age. The generation has altered the norm in each of its milestones, and it comes as no surprise that they plan on spending their retirement living a little differently than those before them. Baby boomers are looking to keep up with an active lifestyle, travel and do the things they love rather than stopping their favorite activities.