Tips for living to 100 years old

Do you want to live to 100 years old? If so, according to a new article from US News & World Report, there are a few tips you can follow which will help you get closer to your goal.

First, don’t stop working. That doesn’t necessarily mean having a job; it simply means that after you retire from your career, find something to do that will fill your time, whether it’s a hobby, volunteering, or something else.

Another tip is to floss every day, which will help keep your arteries clean and healthy. Third, and perhaps most obvious, is to keep physically active. Even walking around the block or a shopping mall for 30 minutes per day is enough to keep your body healthy. Fourth, eat enough fiber.

Fifth, make sure that you sleep for at least six hours per night. Sixth, try to eat a vitamin-rich diet, instead of relying on supplements. Seventh, try to minimize stress; keep your mind relaxed.

Eighth, try to minimize putting toxins into your body, including cigarettes, unhealthy foods, and alcohol. Ninth, create routines for yourself which will help give your body a sense of balance. Ten, maintain social connections with friends and acquaintances.

And finally, according to the news report, you have to make an effort to keep yourself healthy. Go to the doctor, listen to what they say, and take your medications.

If you follow these tips, according to the media outlet, you should be on your way to many years of retirement living.