Seniors work up a sweat during February Heart Month

February is Heart Month, a Heart and Stroke Foundation campaign across North America. The heart is a central organ of the body for its ability to pump blood, carry nutrients, and stabilize the entire body. A strong heart generally means good health, an increased life span and an avoidance of debilitating diseases like strokes.

Proper nutrition and exercise are helpful to keeping a healthy heart.

At the Prime Time Club in Wasaga Beach, Ontario, almost 150 people age 50 and older, get a great workout for their individual age and fitness level.

Helen Veninger, leader of the Club, told "The best gift you can give your friends and family is a healthy heart. It may sound cliché but it's true and you know I really mean it."

"My role is to create a program that is challenging enough for those 50-60 and achievable for those 70-80, with adaptations," Veninger told the media source.

"Where we need to go as seniors," Veninger told the media source, "is to become strong, healthy and knowledgeable to take care of ourselves instead of running to the hospital."

Heart to heart is the main message.

Maintaining a healthy heart is essential in Active Lifestyle and Independent Living residences.