Seniors See Savings in Prescription Medicine

Health care is one of the biggest expenses during a lifetime, and this statement is particularly true for older adults. Health problems increase with age and costs become elevated. One of the biggest cost areas is drugs and according to the Department of Health and Human Services, almost 4 million seniors saved about $2.16 billion through discounts for their prescription medications in 2011.

"Before, many beneficiaries were forced to stop taking the drugs," Jonathan Blum, director of the Center for Medicare was quoted by USA Today, Your Life. "This reduces costs through better management."

Blum announced that saving in drug expenses reduces costs in other health care areas . Seniors need to visit hospitals and emergency centers less frequently, for heart attacks, low blood sugar and asthma attacks. Costly in-patient care is ameliorated especially through easier access to expensive mental health drugs.

High-priced medication for cancer treatment or multiple sclerosis are being made available to beneficiaries who quickly reach the maximum expense. Insulin for diabetes or medications for heart disease have been extended before they reach their coverage cap.

"It's targeted to those most in need," Blum was quoted by USA Today Your Life.

Prescription medication is a high priority for Assisted Living residences and in Nursing Care.