Charity helps keep vulnerable seniors warm during the winter

Wintertime can be an unpleasant time of the year for many, with cold winds and short days being challenging, especially among retirement living seniors.

According to a recent article in the British newspaper the Reading Chronicle, a local charity has been collecting donations for vulnerable seniors as the coldest winter months approach.

This neighborhood “is seen as an affluent area and yet we know that there are areas of need where people quite literally struggle to survive especially when temperatures drop,” Andrew Middleton of  The Berkshire Community Foundation, which is collecting the donations, told the news source.

The foundation will use the money collected to help feed low-income seniors, as well as helping to pay for their heating bills, which can be difficult for those with little money.

As reported in the media outlet, winter can be a dangerous time for vulnerable seniors, and in the newspaper’s Berkshire region, an average of nearly 300 seniors die as a result of the cold weather every year.

With the coldest part of winter soon to arrive across North America, seniors – whether they live in assisted living communities or at home – need to make sure they have warm clothing, enough money for the heating bills, and a way to keep warm for the next few months.