The benefits of Yoga for seniors

Feeling good is always something marvelous to aim for no matter the age, so working toward this goal should be something you entertain as much as possible.  In fact, regular exercise is one of the most important activities that are guaranteed to keep you feeling better about your life as well as your mental and physical wellbeing.


You are quite familiar that an apple a day keeps the doctor away The same can be said about exercising each day, which can keep you alert and the doctor thrilled at how fantastic you look and feel.  One of those exercise activities that is probably not on your radar, but should be, is yoga.

You might be thinking that yoga is something you thought about when you were younger, but now being older it is a bit more strenuous.

In reality, yoga is an exercise that is not as strenuous as you might think, and in fact is perfect because you can truly work at your own pace individually or with a group of your fellow yoga partners.

Health Benefits
Have you been feeling not quite as limber as you once were?  Well, yoga can not only help keep your muscles and joints much more flexible, but practicing yoga also helps to reduce the amount of anxiety and stress that many have.  In effect, yoga is like taking a vitamin pill for your body as well as for your mental health and it does not cost you a single cent!

Low Impact Exercise
Often times when you are considering engaging in exercise again you remember working out on a treadmill, or perhaps on an exercise bike or with weights.  Now the thought of such high impact exercises might be challenging and perhaps even more harmful to you if you have not exercised in years.

Yoga is not high impact and it certainly does not involve lifting weights or engaging in strenuous running.  Yoga is perfect for older and elderly individuals because it is low-impact. Many of the stretching postures are performed with little or no difficulty.

In addition, if you join a yoga class that is introductory and also targeted to seniors and the elderly everyone will be learning and performing yoga routines at the same pace.

Strengthens Body
As seniors age the body’s muscles weaken and in many cases there is slow erosion of the bone’s density.  Many medical experts have supported the use of yoga techniques as a way of helping to lessen bone density loss and even reduce pain.  The yoga techniques are moderate and each yoga routine or stretch is performed without placing strain on your bones or muscles.

Do not forget that as you strengthen your body’s muscles and bones you are also improving your mind as well. Practicing yoga daily means your mind is becoming more focused and you in turn will have more energy. Also, be sure to always consult your physician before starting any exercise regimen.