Retire on a Houseboat in Kentucky: A Floating Paradise on a Wooded ...

Date Added: 19-06-2007

Houseboat-style retirement villages hits the water on Lake Cumberland, KY.

Associated Content - Denver,CO,USA

By Kareyth Patrick

Jun 18, 2007

Houseboat-style retirement villages have seen houseboating in America "grown exponentially in scale and luxury," as The Monitor puts it. But there is sometimes trouble in houseboat paradise. For example, there are currently concerns over the strength of Wolf Creek Dam, which created Lake Cumberland.  The Monitor reports that the Army Corp of Engineers lowered the water level entering the Lake to ease the strain on the dam and decrease the chances of a breech in the integrity of Wolf Creek Dam.

The trouble at Wolf Creek Dam has unpleasant ramifications for Lake Cumberland houseboat dwellers. According to a Society of Environmental Journalists report, some 40 lake docks would be "high and dry" due to water level reductions, as would the luxury multi-level houseboats docked there; there would be threats to the power supply for 1 million customers, including those same houseboaters; there would be threats to the drinking water supply for 200,000 people. Worse yet, dam failure due to a breech could potentially flood some downstream towns to the point of wiping them "off the map." The only optimistic note on the last potentiality is that the houseboaters would be able to maintain the roofs over their heads, even if others were wiped out.

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