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Rehabilitation Care

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Learn more about Rehabilitation Hospitals & Rehabilitation Centers:

Rehabilitation centers offer many different services, including physical, speech and occupational therapy. Many who attend a rehab program have disabilities or ongoing medical problems, while others are recovering from an accident or a medical incident such as a stroke. Rehabilitation centers are often affiliated with another health care organization, such as a hospital or nursing home, although they can be separate, free-standing facilities.

Who is it for?

Rehabilitation centers provide specialized therapies to individuals of all ages, either on an in-patient or an out-patient basis. The goal of a rehabilitation center is to help individuals reach their highest level of functioning in daily life.

What does it cost?

Rehabilitation services can be paid for by an individual's health insurance, or through Medicare, if the person is eligible.

What does it offer?

A physician, nurse or care manager specifies rehabilitation as part of a patient's care plan and works together with physical therapists, occupational therapists, recreational therapists, speech therapists, audiologists, social workers, and psychiatric nurses as required to see that the patient's needs are met.

Outpatient rehabilitation centers often consist of a group of therapists offering a range of services. This structure enables therapists to more easily coordinate treatment plans with one another and with other medical providers.

Rehabilitation is generally a slow and difficult process, but patients in rehab together are likely to build friendships and encourage one another. Choose a rehabilitation facility that provides the treatments you need in an environment that makes you feel comfortable. And be sure to check their accreditation.