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Learn more about Active Retirement Community:

Active Adult Retirement Communities, also referred to as Resort Communities, attract both retired persons and those nearing retirement age who wish to get a start on owning a place where they will eventually retire.

Who is it for?

Active Adult Retirement Communities are focused primarily on providing activities for, and services to, community members.

There are two types of Active Adult Retirement Communities:

  • Age-Inclusive (few age-restrictions for community members)
  • Age-Exclusive (restricted to seniors: 50+, 55+, 62+, 65+)

What does it offer?

They may offer facilities and amenities such as golf, tennis, ocean views, a marina, country and mountain views, a country club, walking and biking trails, a swimming pool, exercise rooms and a variety of clubs and interest groups. Many are gated communities that offer a high level of security and some have health care facilities on site.

In addition, they may offer a variety of other activities such as art classes, dancing, woodworking, ceramics, chorus, etc. They usually have a clubhouse or country club with dining facilities, and depending on location, a marina and beach. Residents may live in individual single-family homes, condominiums, town houses or suites in high rise towers.